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Army ROTC: The smartest course you can take.

Army ROTC is an elective course you take along with your required college classes. It prepares you with the tools, training, and experiences that will help you succeed in any competitive environment. Along with great leadership training, Army ROTC may pay for your college tuition. You will have a normal college student experience like everyone else on campus, but when you graduate, you will be an Officer in the U.S. Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.

Joining the Army ROTC also comes with many benefits, and is even considered one of the top leadership programs in the country.

Badger Battalion News

Badger ROTC Fall FTX 2012

The Badger Battalion conducted their Fall Semester Field Training Exercise (FTX) the last weekend in September at Ft. McCoy, WI.

The weekend started with land navigation for all participating and contracted cadets on Friday. On Saturday, the MS III cadets conducted M16 weapons familiarization while the MS Is and MS IIs were challenged on the obstacle course. Prior to night land navigation on the second night the cadets enjoyed a cookout consisting of brats and burgers before heading out in the rain to find their points. Additional training for the following Ranger Challenge weekend occurred on Sunday in conjunction with weapons cleaning.

Overall, it was a successful weekend and the cadets returned exhausted but better trained as future leaders.


Badger ROTC Orientation 2012

Badger Battalion welcomes new Students and Cadets with our annual Kick-Off Orientation Event. This year, in honor of cadre member Major Brown(s) success on CBS Amazing Race, the Cadets conducted an ROTC version of the competition. The Cadets were divided into teams (with names ranging from Running Rebels to French Toast) and had to perform a variety of physical and mental challenges all over the campus over a course of 5 miles. By the end of the day, some questioned whether they had the stamina to last the rest of the year in ROTC, but most would agree that it was a race to remember.

Badger Battalion would like to welcome the following new cadets that contracted in to the program this semester, Fall 2012:

MSI: CDT Russell, CDT Donovan, CDT White, CDT Matzke
MSII: CDT Grolemund, CDT Wozniak, CDT Biddle, CDT Kramlich
MSIII: CDT Arndt, CDT Villacortaguerra


Military Ball

On February 24, 2012 Badger Battalion held its annual Military Ball at Varsity Hall Union South in Madison, WI. It was an enjoyable and memorable evening as cadets, cadre, and guests from University of Wisconsin - Madison, Edgewood, and Maranatha came together to honor the graduating cadets, as well as the members of the community who continue to support our endeavors. During the event, it was a privilege to watch LTC Pitz award MSG Radloff the Meritorious Service Medal. Special Guests included Commander Denise Rohan from the American Legion, and Professor John Hall.


Fall FTX 2011

Badger Battalion conducted their semester Field Training Exercise (FTX) from 23Sept2011 to 25Sept2011 this year at Ft. McCoy along with Whitewater and Maranatha. During this period of training Cadets are able to challenge themselves and have the opportunity to conduct both day and night land navigation, repelling and completing an obstacle course Along with weapons familiarization and MSIIIs got a chance to fire them on the range qualifying and zeroing.

There were periods of rain over the weekend but the Cadets powered through and conducted training as planned. Before night land navigation on the second night the Cadets were rewarded with a cookout prior to heading out in the rain to find their points.
Overall, it was a very successful weekend. All of the Cadets worked hard and got good training preparing them for their future as leaders.


Orientation 2011

Each year Badger Battalion welcomes new Cadets by getting Cadre and Cadets together for a day to get to know each other. This year a paint-balling course was set up to get some healthy competition in before the school year began. After a few games of capture the flag, Cadets were able to socialize with each other during the cookout. By the end of the day cadets left a little sun burnt but ready to start the year!

Badger Battalion would like to welcome the following new cadets to the program:
CDT Bahnson CDT Durgin CDT Kirby CDT Schneider
CDT Brock CDT Englebert CDT Marinkovich CDT Sierra
CDT Bunker CDT Greene CDT McCarty CDT Swanson
CDT Casper CDT Haraldsen CDT Misra CDT Wozniak
CDT Bradley CDT Frechette CDT Gauthier CDT Tintes
CDT Iverson


Spring FTX - 2011

Because of the weather conditions, Spring FTX looked quite a bit different than normal this year. Typically, Cadets practice night land NAV (navigation) Friday night, perform STX lanes (squad tactics) on Saturday, and lead patrol lanes on Sunday morning. However, due to the weather and snow, much of the training was changed.

Instead of the usual, Cadets received classes on how to run an FOB (Forward Operating Base), call for fires, room clearing, patrol, and weapons assembly and disassembly.
Despite the cold weather, the Cadets still found time on Saturday to go outside and lead patrol lanes. After coming in from the cold, the Cadets were rewarded with hot pizza, which was followed up with weapons cleaning.

Even though the weather was not cooperative, Spring FTX was a successful training event. The Cadets were able to take in a lot of valuable information and training.


Who is an Officer?

Honor, integrity and personal courage are three of the values Army Officers embody in their pursuit of mission accomplishment and personal excellence. By standing as examples of the leadership skills honed through centuries of Army archievements, today's Officers set the standard. They serve our nation with distinction in peace and in war.

As leaders, Commissioned Officers constantly validate themselves as Army Strong by having the strength to inspire strength in others.

Fast Paced

Life in Army ROTC is a fast-pace, exciting experience for any college student. Check out some of our activites in this video:

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