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Cadet Profiles

Ever wonder what the daily life of a cadet consists of? The primary purpose of Army ROTC is to train men and women on campus the fundamentals of military leadership and to prepare them to become officers in the United States Army. Fundamentally, the U.S. Army is a unique institution that imposes distinctive demands and expectations on its people. The ROTC program at UW-Madison attempts to prepare Badger Battalion cadets for the unique challenges and expectations of Army life by duplicating, as closely as possible, a military environment. This means that your experience in ROTC will be very different from your prior college or high school experience. Also, as your time with ROTC progresses you will find that the ROTC program will begin to require more of your time and commitment. Here we have profiled cadets from each Military Science class in order for you to see what their daily lives and ROTC responsibilities consist of.