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Starting in Army ROTC

I'm a High School Student.

Don't wait - start now! There are scholarships available for all four years of a college degree through Army ROTC. If you wish to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Edegwood College, or Maranatha Baptist University, contact Mr. Joshua Beyerl for more information on scholarships and applications.

I'm a college Freshman or Sophmore.

Army ROTC is an exciting program for students at the University of Wisconsin, Edgewood, Whitewater, and Maranatha. You can start your path by taking an elective course in Army ROTC. Courses are open to all students and require no committment. Check your timetable to enroll today! There are many paths to leadership. For more information and to find your path, contact our staff recruiting officer.

Who should apply?

Anyone who is attending or plans to attend the University of Wisconsin at Madison or Whitewater, Edgewood, or Maranatha Baptist University is elligible.